About Our Services

Standard cleaning service for ongoing clients consists of an initial Deep Clean, followed by bi-weekly or monthly visits to maintain that level of cleanliness. The Deep Clean is typically at least twice as long as the followup visits and much more rigorous.

Just pick the rooms you want serviced, and we’ll do the rest! All surfaces, blinds, ceiling fans, and open areas are cleaned – no paying extra charges for what should be expected! Typically, we focus exclusively on cleaning service, but not maid service, such as doing dishes and laundry. We’ll work with you to make sure our cleaning meets your expectations.

If your cleaning requirements are different, just tell us what you want out of your service and we’ll work with you to make it happen! As a local business, we have the ability and flexibility to meet specific customer needs.

Service Range
At the moment, we are only taking on clients in Cedar Rapids. As we continue to grow, our coverage may change!